Sebastián Slutzky (Viola)

After studying guitar for 5 years, Sebastian Slutzky studied viola at the National University of Rosario, his home town in Argentina. 

Although his focus was on classical music, in 1996 he joined the newly formed Orquesta de Tango at his university, conducted and arranged by the tango legend Domingo Federico. He recorded a  CD with this prestigious ensemble, and performed at venues such as Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires, and during the European tour 1998, in Amsterdam, Bremen, Zurich and Munich.

He continued specialising on Tango music arrangement and performance ever since, participating in other Tango orchestras including those conducted by renowned conductors Javier Martínez Lo Ré, and Julián Chera. He also formed the Tango String Quintet in Rosario, Argentina, performing original arrangements by Astor Piazzola’s Cellist, José Bragato as well as his own arrangements.

Sebastian also studied Jazz orchestration with Enrique Bevaqua and Tango arrangements with Domingo Federico, and composed the original soundtrack for the Argentinean cinematographer Fernando Zago’s first feature film, El Investigador de Ciudades.

In 2001 Sebastian moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he performed in different Tango events including the annual International Tango Festival. During 2007 he took bandoneon lessons in Leeds, UK with the bandoneonist Ninón Foiret.

Sebastian also holds a Master in Science in Advanced Software Engineering from University College of Dublin. He is an experienced Software Engineer and Architect, and provided consulting services for tech companies like Microsoft, RSA and Accenture and several departments of the Irish government. He also founded and runs a volunteer workshop for teaching kids software programming and robotics.

He co-founded Quinteto Hibertango in 2018, where he renovates his passion for Tango and revisits the history of this music style. All arrangements were made originally for the group, mostly from Buenos Aires and his home town, Rosario.